Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, there are a number of ways to get involved.

Become a Team Leader
Team Leaders work at the local level.  We rely on them to help identify projects, mentor new volunteers, and promote events and workshops.

Test Water Quality and Quantity
We have a robust stream monitoring program that has relied on volunteers to take water samples for the last two years.  The data collected helps to guide our project selection process.  Volunteers are needed on a yearly basis during the summer months to collect water samples and gather data. Volunteers are recruited in the late spring and trained before testing begins in early summer.

Adopt-a-Rain Garden
Rain Gardens are one of the ways that individuals, businesses, and municipalities can mitigate stormwater.  They are a landscaped depression designed to retain and treat stormwater.  A number of rain gardens have been built for this purpose.  The Adopt-a-Rain Garden Program is designed to keep these gardens functional and attractive.

Help Cleanup Your Local Rivers
You can do your part to keep our rivers healthy by helping out during a scheduled river cleanup.

Restore a Stream
Typically in the Spring and Summer, CCST and other partners will restore rivers and streams through the planting of riparian buffers and stabilization of eroding banks.  This process is fairly labor intensive and volunteers are always needed.